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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Burnt Toast

I've spent over 25 years in the Ivory Tower. In the last 10 years I've seen the hue discolor more to Burnt Sienna or even Burnt Toast at most institutions, and unfortunately there are fewer dissenting souls around to polish it up or scrape off the blackening Leftist crust. We have become the very breeding ground of moonbats and uber-lefties. Most of academe's ultra-liberal, PC-till-you-puke transgressions are not so much malevolent as childish and borne of powerlessness, however. The most radical professors are faux journalists, at best, or wannnabe Derrida and Chomskys at worst. Seldom, though, does the lunacy devolve into true conspiratorial activism that affects anyone but the poor students who must suffer through their ranting philosophies disguised as erudition and discourse*.

But something is very seriously afoot recently, and it ain't iambic in nature.

Boston University recently won a decision against the U.S. government over federal funding of higher education and the requirement to allow Armed Services recruiters on campus. John Leo, one of my favorite PC-whacka-mole aficionados, says this in the latest issue of U.S. News, brilliantly titled "The Wisdom of Solomon":

Hypocrisy is a predictable aspect of politics. For instance, liberal activists badly want to overcome the federal law, called the Solomon amendment, that requires universities to allow military recruiters on campuses or lose all federal funding. Many universities want to ban the recruiters because of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the armed forces on homosexuality. So the activists resent the heavy hand of government telling campus officials what to do. Many of the same activists have a long record of imposing the same heavy and interfering hand when it suits them--for instance, applying Title IX in a way that requires colleges to eliminate hundreds of male sports teams, often to create more women's teams in sports that females do not want to play. Congress never intended this, but the activists found a way to get it done by establishing quotas and forcing the universities to comply.

On campus, extreme antidiscrimination regulations have long been the left's chief weapon in the culture wars, justifying everything from draconian speech codes to the defunding or de-recognition of religious groups on campus. Last week, in a 2-to-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Philadelphia upheld a challenge to the Solomon amendment by lawyers and law schools. This came even though the amendment was closely modeled on Title IX. It said that if universities did not allow recruiters on campus, as Congress directed, the universities would lose all federal funding, which could run to hundreds of millions of dollars.

What this really means is far more sinister than 'no fucking Army on campus, dude': Higher education means to secede from the U.S., so to speak, while retaining its suckle on the government teat, and go, unfettered, even further left than it already has. Make no mistake, this is not about gays in the military. This is, as a classic leftist ploy, using a minority and trumped-up discrimination issue as a wedge to cut oversight while retaining funding. If the recent ruling is upheld, look to see similar cases filed [with this as precedent, 'natch] against other entitlement grant stipulations. This Solomon ruling is not just about recruiters; it signals the radical left's wedge between it and any control whatsoever on its activities while retaining the 'right' to receive federal tax dollars.

Your bucks. My bucks. Sneaky fucks.

*with hastily digressive footnotes, of course