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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Celebrity Screed #433: A Fart in the Mouth

The previous post on 'Blabs' Streisand got me riled about our celebrity culture once again. Stop and think about this for a minute-- did Frank Sinatra ever do a 'Croon the Vote' tour for Adlai Stevenson? Did Frank Zappa do any free concerts for George McGovern? Fuck no, these politicians were wimpy geeks, and mainstream politics was not considered cool. It was as unhip as lime-green golf pants and cardigan sweaters. And because they knew it wasn't their freakin' job to go off endlessly parroting party-line beliefs. Besides, hawking politics just trashed your image. Yeah, yeah, Zappa got down and dirty on censorship and a few other political attacks, but only when it fudged up into his zone of influence. Privately, he was a quiet capitalist cheerleader and did a lot of good in Eastern Europe. He drew the line, and wished other people had as well. The problem with celebs speaking politics is they have nothing new to add to the discusssion. They are, at worst, off-key Greek choruses of the politcal party ditties. At best, they remind us how vapid, shorn of mystique and empty their images truly are. You can't possibly be awe-struck by Cameron Diaz once you've 'voted for women to be raped.'

We desperately need to get back to that culture in which entertainers were perveyors of cool and new, while eschewing political parties and platforms. Problem is, most of our entertainers-- our jesters, if you will-- now consider themselves 'artists.' But most couldn't find art in the word fart even though that's the sound and smell most often eminating from their mouths.