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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Chairman Cho1

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom is getting frighteningly adept at living in the brain pan of Margaret Cho. He should be worried. Or more appropriately, his wife should be2.

My favorite Choist3 quote from the article:

How do we win the culture war started by the insidious greed and determination to domination4 of the Republican party? I think it might be better to look at it another way. How can we possibly lose? Just because legislation passes doesn't mean it cannot be reversed. Just because people are dumb doesn't mean that there are more that are dumber5

This is pure satiric genius. Just when we, a denuded culture of nitrate-cured swine, were wondering aloud on the muddy banks of our NASCAR-strewn ignorance in our Chinese-made flip-flops 'where is the Dorothy Parker of this generation?,' along comes Cho. An extraordinary comedienne.6

Read more here at Roadkill Diaries and the whole, uncut, side-splitingly hilarous Cho-down here.

1. Yes, I know, but see, this is supposed to look racist as her article is really the most offensive, bigoted piece of garbage I've read since Jane Smalley fell off the best-seller cart; I'd rather do a PhotoShop of her in a Mao coat and hat and paste it to the top of this entry, but I'm too fucking Red-State stoopid to know how to use the software efficiently. Read the subtext in her article about Red-Staters not having the balls to, I don't know, I think she means don't have the balls to have balls. So go on, call me a bigot. Then go look this up. But 'Chairman Cho' has one helluva ring to it, eh?
2. Thinly veiled yet utterly obligatory reference, given the nature of this post, to Ms. Cho's homosexuality, of course.
3. Like the Little Red Book, with a touch less humor yet 23% more heterophobia. Can I copyright this term? It's long overdue.
4. That 'determination to domination' alliteration she has going there gets me rather randy. Especially since I know what her orientation is and all. And it sounds like she means real business here. Serious black-leather business.
5. Southern sectors 21 through 42, please upgrade the camouflage on trailer trash breeding camps and make sure all natural-borne idiots are safely registered as Republicans before permitting them continued access to Wal-Mart.
6. Intentionally sexist teminology.