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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Guided By Voices Farewell Tour

Hey, I am not a groupie, but this band does rock. Has for decades. If you don't believe me, go here...and click on the 'Everywhere with Helicpoters' MP3.

Much underappreciated, they are currently on their last tour. They'll be appearing on Conan O'Brien December 2nd, with a PBS special on Austin City Limits sometime in January. If you have HD TV with 5.1, tune in and blast it. Damn, if you have a crapy Wal-Mart 19-inch TV jack it up.

Natives of Dayton, Ohio, raw rock with lyrics you'll never find from either coast, GBV is the best of what rock is about.

Check out the whole remarkable band site here, but better yet go out an buy a CD you forkin' cheapskate.

I recommend 'Universal Truths and Cycles' to start off.

Best song title? 'Fourteen Cheerleader Cold Front.' Like, Duh. Cheerleaders rule...