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Thursday, December 09, 2004

An imPolite gift idea

Lancaster News : Flap erupts over photos of Bush at market stand

Doesn’t matter, says City Councilman Nelson Polite. “It should come down. This is a public market.” Besides, says the Democrat, “Bush didn’t win here (in Lancaster City)." Polite approached Stoltzfus on Nov. 12 and ask him to remove the pictures. The standholder has refused to do so, prompting Polite to say he will ask City Council to change the law so that all political items would be banned in public places.

Today, Stoltzfus pointed proudly to a photo of a smiling Bush, framed in green, that hangs above his stand.The photo, attached to the stand portico with four brass screws, has hung there for nearly two years, since Stoltzfus and his wife, Nina, opened the market stand in March 2003.
They sell cakes, cookies and other baked items.

If you'd care to send something to the honorable councilman Nelson Polite:
Lancaster City Council
120 N Duke St
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 291-4785
I suggest cookies.