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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Orgasms Are Distracting

Well, as you would expect, the soldier's "tough" question to Rumsfeld during an appearance before the troops in Kuwait drew a lot of coverage in the MSM. In fact the priority placed on the story colors the term 'coverage' in its most fetid, sticky connotation, as the media frothed into pure thrumming, drumming and cumming galore on front pages and broadcast news lead ins alike. Three things: First off, what other major military force holds such open Q&As for its troops or even civilians, for all the world to see? Secondly, the soldier had a damn fine question, and Rumsfeld had an answer-- not a solution-- but an answer as to why the Humvees weren't all better protected yet.

Oh yeah, and most importantly, while reading the Chicago Tribune, the NYT and listening to three separate broadcast news organizations, why didn't I hear background interviews with these folks, or these or even these? I guess, when you're in the paroxysms of orgasm, it's tough to pick up a fucking phone.

Update: It it fully qualifies as masturbation.