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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ten Celebrities You'd Like to See Dead Update Part VI

Nominated by a recent reader,
Barbra Streisand: exposure

Babs fits a modus operandi of many other Hollywood celebs-- they have one great talent, then force-feed the public the impression they have many others. The broad can sing, I'll give you that. But act? I think this is Keanu Reeves' secret birth mother. Direct? Ed Wood is spinning in Bela Lugosi's grave. Politics? Her only brush with fresh political thoughts are the erotic dreams she has of Clinton; so did Lewinsky, and look where that got her. On second thought, never mind. Nowhere in history has anyone gone so far on so few felations. And Babs, nobody but your local Remax dealer gives a flyin' monkey's ass what your house looks like, so chill. Keep wasting your money on nutty Democratic, far-left causes and candidates. It's the next best thing to flushing it down one of your 12 toilets.

Thanks to liberals, today we have public education, Social Security,
Medicare and Medicaid, environmental protection laws, a minimum wage law...among many other wonderful programs.
1 Such a label should be worn with a badge of honor and defended by Democrats, not allowed to be used as slander by the Right Wing.

All the above wonderful (il)liberal programs Ms. Streisand is so proud of are broke, never worked or add an impossible onus on the majority of Americans not privileged enough to be taking up to a grand per-seat in two farewell concert tours. These 'liberal' programs are tantamount to a slave owner boasting he has an in-house veterinarian to look after the colored folk, and he allows dances in the slave quarters every Saturday night. And them there environmental laws? Well that's the richest bit of hypocrisy to tumble from those lips... I guess the environment is important only when it is affected by those little people driving SUVs or is 'endangered' by big nasty corporations; you'd think your own credibility on these issues is too eroded .
Here's your badge of honor, Babs. I got it right here:

1. Go on, click on over and read the whole thing, as they say; Babs needs the traffic.