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Friday, December 24, 2004

"Time to go out and buy the White Album again..."

Well, the titans of the entertainment biz are at it again-- it's time once again for the battle of the formats. This time it's new high resolution DVDs. Well, something has to happen, for certain. Current DVDs only deliver 480 lines of resolution, while the new HD-TVs can handle 1080 lines. But just like every other recording media in the last forty years, we'll have to sit on the sidelines and wait for the ultimate results:

Nevertheless, both camps are shunning compromise. The Blu-Ray Disc Association, led by Sony Corp. (owner of Columbia/Tri-Star and, in short order, MGM), says its discs will have greater capacity than the competition--five times as much as today's conventional DVDs and about 66 percent more than HD-DVD. The latter's supporters, led by Toshiba Corp., say HD-DVDs will be cheaper to produce and will reach the market as early as 2005, as much as a year ahead of Blu-Ray.The home video field seems to be ridiculously vulnerable to such costly format wars. The classic case was the clash between Betamax videotape technology, which was developed by Sony, and VHS. Despite being arguably superior, Betamax lost the marketing joust and was reduced to a historical footnote, resurrected periodically by reporters for cautionary paragraphs like this one.

Meanwhile, I want Brazil, Blade Runner and Porkies III in 1080 rez ASAP.