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Monday, December 13, 2004

"What's with the lox? We can't get a decent Egg McMuffin?"

All Saddam's deputies eating once again Mon Dec 13, 2004
(Reuters) - Eight of Saddam Hussein's jailed deputies,
who refused to eat breakfast as part of what one of their lawyers described as a "hunger strike", are eating again, the U.S. military says. "All high-value criminals are once again eating," Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson, spokesman for detainee operations in Iraq, told Reuters on Monday, using the U.S. military's term for the former high-ranking officials. "Those who didn't eat breakfast this morning requested a late breakfast around 11 a.m., which was provided to them." The U.S. military is holding 11 of Saddam's former top aides at a jail near Baghdad. Saddam himself, who is being held at a separate, secret location, thought to be near Baghdad airport, continued to eat normally during the short-lived protest, Johnson said.