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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Bachelor's Revelations on Housekeeping

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  • Dog vomit is harder to remove than lipstick from nylon-pile carpeting
  • A thin layer of bacon grease makes stovetops easier to scour
  • Dust bunnies cannot be coaxed from under couches with 'treats'1
  • Sorting laundry is for sissies
  • Empty refrigerators look dirtier than full ones

1. (The Straight Dope, Adams) "Dust bunnies consist of any number of things, including pet and human hairs, pillow feathers, insect parts, clothing bits and other fibers, soil, mold spores, meteor dust, pollen, yeast, and God knows what else.

They form under your bed because that's where they find "still air pockets," where they can grow unmolested. You want to get rid of them, get rid of the air pockets--e.g., plop ze mattress on ze floor.

Dust bunnies may also be found in ducts and vents, where they get blown by air currents, or stuck to spiders' webs on ceilings or in corners.

They're arguably more prevalent in winter, because the windows are closed and the breeze doesn't disperse them. Keep those windows open year-round and I guarantee you'll never complain about dust bunnies again."