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Monday, January 24, 2005

Come Wring Your Hands! It's Democracy Tainted by Religion!

Chicago Tribune, January 24. BAGHDAD -- The voice of the influential imam poured forth as it does each week, but this time it carried not just spiritual counsel but a political command: Iraq's most revered Shiite cleric declares that "voting for list No. 169 is a religious duty."

War is not a present Jesus would seek. Nor tax breaks for the wealthy, nor a spread of hunger and homelessness.

A mass for Christ would not be about shopping. It would celebrate family and community. Measure yourself, taught the Messiah, by how you treat the “least of these.” Today in America, millions of poor children head to school not ready to learn. They suffer from malnutrition, from inadequate health care, from mean streets and broken homes. One of five children in wealthy America is raised in poverty. We are failing the standard he taught us. Let us all remember the true spirit of Christmas this year.Protect the babies in the dawn of life. Care for the elderly in the dusk of life. Nurture the sick; shelter the homeless. Stop for the stranger on the Jericho Road. Work for the promise of peace. Surely that is what Jesus would want under his tree. 1

If there were any doubt left among the devout at the Buratha mosque, photos of the white-bearded Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani papered the walls beside posters from the United Iraqi Alliance, the coalition of powerful Shiite clerics and parties known as "No. 169."

The exit polls from the election tell why we succeeded. Of all the issues that influenced how people cast their ballot, the number one category was not terrorism, not taxes or the economy, but "moral issues".

This clearly tells us that Christian conservatives showed up at the polls in unprecedented numbers on Election Day, that they were educated about where candidates stood on the issues and that they were motivated to vote based on those issues. In short, Christian voter-education - specifically voter guides - made the difference! The election demonstrates that a majority of Americans are tired of being told that they should somehow be ashamed of highlighting their faith in the public square - and yet should accept every ideology, depravity or secular idea that liberals promote. The election results show pro-family Americans stood up and said "enough is enough!"2

Well, religion does play a role in some people's election decisions. But I guess that would be a reason to wring our hands not only in Iraq, but here in the States as well, right?

Many religious groups in Iraq were heavily persecuted. Perhaps they are now looking to cement that freedom of expression and avoid returning to a time when you could lose your head, or any number of limbs, for praying to the 'wrong' flavor of God. And-- gasp!-- they've discovered the concept of voting blocs! Someone alert Jesse Jackson and the Christian Coalition. If they're not careful the U.S. might have some nasty civil war on its hands.

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