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Monday, January 10, 2005

Eat it Raw: Creativity in Journalism

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Back in my high school days one of the worst epithets one could hurl was "Eat it. Eat it raw." One assumed you were talking about genitalia, but then the 'raw' part never made much sense, did it? As if eating genitalia as some form of exotic and then unknown sushi were somehow more offensive than exposing the genitals in question to searing temperatures, or say a pan sautéing; would cooked testicles, for example, somehow ameliorate the depravity of the ingestion? No matter. Good to see some time-honored invectives are born anew in fresh and inventive ways, even if the result is unemployment. I fear the day when a journalist experiments too creatively with the phrase 'Suck me off,' however.

h/t Outside the Beltway