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Monday, January 24, 2005

From Chairman Cho's Little Red Book

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I would love to be white. Not forever, but perhaps a weekend. Don't you ever get sick of being a minority?
I mean, there is the whole pride thing that white people don't get to have,1 because you can be anything and be proud but you can't be white and proud because then you seem like you are in the Ku Klux Klan.

There is definitely something to be said for having aspects of minority life illuminated so you can thoughtfully examine your own culture and feel lucky to be who you are. Discussing a heritage and having a collective past that is oppressed and depressing can be a lovely way to spend time after dinner on the front porch as the sun goes down. Friendships can be built on a legacy of loathing, and how wonderful some of the bonds forged in this repressive world can be.2 But sometimes, I just really get sick of fighting all the time. I am doing battle when I am sleeping. I have to slay the dragons of the myth of heterosexual European male society in my dreams, then get up in the morning and be an activist.3 I have to watch movies and news about the people that I am not, then I have to translate all of my difficulties and observations in order to make my struggle palatable to those who don't have to march, but are sympathetic to my voice. This is a major part of my audience, an easy ear to bend 4- yet I still myself must bend it.

1. A call to Norman Mailer confirms that he feels like a KKK turd when suffering 'prideful thoughts.'
2. Repression, loathing, bondage: see Freud.
3. Sort of like Frodo. Though perhaps a slightly more confused Frodo. Who hates European guys. Especially those purse-packing Belgian men.
4. And an easy wallet to pick.