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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Back...if it's any consolation, and if anyone but my mortgage company is interested, I made a bunch of cash on a freelance writing job over the weekend. A buck fifty a word. I love that kinda work when it comes in, and feel a fiscal responsibility to dive head first into the nearest OED and rip out every last useable morsel with my teeth.

So it's a kinder, gentler, more amenable Prof at your beck and call. Don't eat the pickled eggs unless you intend to pay, though. To Randy in New Jersey and Kitty: thanks for the encouragement, but no, I did not run off to L.A. to become Gillian Anderson's frosted martini shaker. Instead I camped outside her estate, curled up into a ball and wept like a beat puppy until I was removed by the local authorities. Damn you, Gillian Anderson, damn you!
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