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Friday, January 28, 2005

Slight Turnout Is Expected as Iraqis Abroad Begin to Vote

AP - In the United States, organizers said lack of documentation, large travel distances, bad weather and concern about retribution could be keeping some Iraqis away from the polls. The number of people voting in the United States is expected to make up about 10 percent of the 240,000 Iraqi expatriates expected to cast ballots around the world.
To be eligible to participate, voters had to be born in Iraq or have an Iraqi father. They also had to have turned 18 by Dec. 31.

[emphasis mine]

Um...just a wild-ass thought here, folks. Maybe they won't be voting in the Iraqi election because they consider themselves to be Americans now?

...gotta run, catching a plane to Budapest. There's a tight mayoral election I'm just itchin' to cast a ballot in.