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Monday, January 10, 2005

Speaking Pork to Power: Rathergate

Forget journalistic integrity, abandon honesty in reporting and even dismiss blatant and thankfully ineffective attempts to sway a national election, but manners are manners. If my dog does his business on the neighbor's lawn, I am obligated to clean up the mess. Viacom has allowed this turd, however, to sit on the national lawn-- and Bush's presidency-- for over four months now. When will they clean up the mess with a corrected report and Rather's apology? Wait, I think I hear birds in flight...

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Go to and pick up the whole breathtaking whitewash in living, breathing PDF format.

And according to analysis done of the PDF by Rathergate, CBS has been sitting on the report for three weeks:

KREMPASKY: A clarification. The document we have is a .pdf file, created on January 5th, 2005. The orginal document used to CREATE that .pdf tells another story. It’s called, Microsoft Word DC-685241-v10 final_CBS_Report__sent_to_Lou_12_20_.DOC.