Free invisible hit counter ProfShade: Tort, Court and Media Sport Reform

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tort, Court and Media Sport Reform long as tort reform is on the radar screen, why not some state-by-state legislation that requires moneyed defendants found guilty to pay not only court costs but the added municipal costs of increased security, administrative and legal burdens associated with media circuses such as this? Or better yet, since it's the media Big Top that rakes in the sucker cash from these carnie freak shows, why not tithe them a percentage of their ad revenue during coverage periods as well? Why in the world should hard-working, tax-paying citizens of California and New York City, etc. have to bear the full municipal burden for trying these rich clowns while Viacom and General Electric reap the Side Show profits? If the media had to shell out a few bucks for every second they dwelt on this crap, maybe there would be far less extensive and sensationalistic coverage. Right now they, and the well-heeled perps on trial, reap the profit, while the common man shells out the increased cost for the unfortunate cities involved. A doctor who screws up in the operating room can be sued out of existence; why do rich pedophiles, spoiled celebrities and the media that feed freely at the turnstyle escape paying the cost the public incurs at their benefit?

Although I am very opposed in most cases to this solution, would someone please pass on this URL to Jack-o??? Save us all a lot of heartache, publicly-aired depravity and wasted public airwaves, Mikey. Take out your own trash...