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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Full Disclosure and Offer of Resignation

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Before my private life is publicly 'outed' at the Daily Kos due to my political affiliations, I felt it prudent though painful to fully disclose my sexual and secret Internet activities before it became an onerous embarrassment to my fellow bloggers at Lifelike Pundits.

Here wit:

I harbor an intense and unhealthy fascination with Gillian Anderson and have been forcibly removed from the gates of her home after a starvation vigil in her honor

My girlfriend owns handcuffs, although we've never used them

For a three-year period beginning in 1983 I subscribed to 'Jugs' magazine

I am the Webmaster at Lesbian Sex Mafia

My son runs a Web site for trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards

Although I write under the pseudonym ProfShade, my real name is Wink Martindale

I have never applied for a White House Press Corps pass, but if I did received one I'd ask Scott McClellan, "Who does your suits?"

I hope this public disclosure is satisfying to the far-left, and they have every right to revel in the pain and misery this is now causing my family. To my fellow bloggers at Lifelike Pundits, I pray you accept my apology and humbly offer my resignation, fearing my non-disclosures may have done you all great harm in the future.