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Friday, February 25, 2005

Hard-Hitting Investigative Reporting on a Roll at ABC News

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With the unprecedented success of its investigative report into the UFO phenomenon, ABC News' Peter Jennings threw down the gauntlet this morning in a candid discussion with LLP.

"We're a real news organization. We have standards. We have high principles and a thorough understanding of solid journalism," Jennings said, smoothing out a sheet of tin foil on his desk. "Hey, we didn't have any decent UFO footage, so in the best tradition of professional journalism, we came up with some kick-ass animation."

Jennings went on to say that despite 'heat' from the 'man' he'd continue to dig into the dark recesses of news where no other journalist dared to tread.

"We're thinking a a two-hour special on whether Elvis Presley is still alive. Did you know Jeff Gannon is his illegitimate son?"

Jennings went on to assert this is the type of hard-hitting, fearless journalism true professionals are known for. "Filthy bloggers eat your hearts out," he said. "You can't animate your way out of a greasy donut bag."