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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Politically Correct Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions

  • Image Hosted by Heart-shaped pita filled with organic humus
  • Donation to PETA, in your lover's pet's name
  • Romantic card on acid-free, 75% recycled card stock. You know, the stiff, flecked-with-dog-feces looking paper that smells like old gym socks
  • Breakfast in bed: carrot juice, stone-ground, whole wheat toast, a yummy strawberry-tofu spread
  • A solemn promise to buy tickets to 'Les Miserables' the next time it comes to town
  • Peach-scented candles, licorice-flavored body oil, DVD of 'Deep Throat' Hemp T-shirt, unscented goat milk soap and aromatic dream pillow.
  • Tender words, whispered lovingly: "I didn't get you anything 'cause its a commercialized, schmaltzy Hallmark gimmick. But I love you. In a non-possesive kind of way."