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Friday, February 25, 2005

Ted Kennnedy Talks

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Time magazine next week has an adoring piece on everyone's most 'huggable' liberal, Ted Kennedy. Remember: he is the lizard king, he can say anything...

On dealing with President Bush: "We're in some areas of confrontation, but my own sense is that this president knows how to work with Democrats. He worked with Democrats in Texas. I worked with him on No Child Left Behind."

On Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's idea to change the chambers' rules to stop Democrats from filibustering judges, the so-called "nuclear option": "The Founding Fathers addressed this issue at the Constitutional Convention and what they did was to indicate they wanted a shared power between the Senate and the executive. Some people believe the Senate should be a rubber stamp. That's not what the Founding Fathers wanted."

On Justices Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas ascending to chief justice: "I have no way of knowing what's in the administration's minds, but I don't personally believe the selection of those individuals on the basis of ideology wouldn't be at least questioned in the Senate."

On the Democratic Party's trying to reclaim "values": "I'm very, very hopeful and very bullish. I think we can win that battle. We value hard work and we value honesty. We think poverty in terms of the increased problems we're facing here is a moral issue. We'll win the battle on moral values."

On John Kerry's potential as a candidate in 2008: "He's going to make up his own mind and I would support him."

I encourage every one of our readers to compeltely ignore this issue of Time. With puffball answers like these, you'd think he were a reasonable, moderate politician. Anyone for an extreme makeover?