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Monday, February 21, 2005

Wead Tapes Part Two

Wead: So let's get back to this drug thing, here, George--
Bush: Doug, we covered that. I wanted to talk to you about mobilizing the vote in the primaries, and --
Wead: Marijuana, George. It might come down to that. And firing gays. Are you telling me there are no circumstances under which you'd fire gays?
Bush: Doug, like I said, we're all sinners, who am I to judge another man's life? So on the Christian Coalition conference in the fall--
Wead: What about prancing around like a Nancy-boy during a National Security meeting. In a dress. And lipstick. Would that be enough?
Bush: Doug, do you have some personal issues you'd like to discuss? Besides, I think that's a transvestite thing...... What was that beep?
Wead: Casio wristwatch. So you would let a national security adviser in drag attend a meeting? High on marijuana? And how do you know so much about transvestites?
Bush: I'm not so sure this is a conversation we should be having, Doug, maybe you're a little under the weather about things right now, I can call back when--
Wead: No! Wait! The Christian Coalition meeting. Right. We should get a speaking slot. We can see to that, if we set things up now. Maybe a panel? A symposium too?
Bush: Sounds good. Could be a good forum for outlining elements of my platform--
Wead: Like on whether to fire gay pot smokers. We could do that.
Bush: Golly, Doug, I was thinking national security or faith-based initiatives.
Wead: That would be good, George. Faith-based initiatives. Whether to exclude gays from faith-based programs, I'm likin' it, George, heady stuff--
Bush: Now hold on a minute, Doug, can you get your mind off this stuff for just a darned minute and listen--
Wead: I'm listening, George, we're all listening, go on, you were about to say something about gays and faith-based init--George?
Wead: George?
Wead: Fucker hung up on me.