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Monday, March 14, 2005

Plight of Palestinian Bombers Addressed

"It really is insufferable," bemoaned Mohamed Al-elat, 19, bomber-in-training. "You pack on the explosives, you walk through the hot noon-day sun, and there it is. You can't climb it, especially with all this gear." He went on to say many bombers are forced to walk miles out of their way to find an opening in the barrier before slipping through.

Kofi Annan, after meeting with Palestinian President Abbas, agreed,"Mr. Sharon, tear down this wall!" declared the U.N. Secretary General. He went on to say the Palestinians must 'win one for the Gipper.'

A registry of property damage claims will be set up by the U.N. to hear complaints and assess damages incurred by the Palestinians as a result of Israel's security barrier. Meanwhile hundreds of Israeli citizens maimed, killed and torn to shreds in suicide bombings will not be eligible for property claims, nor Israeli pizzerias, bus companies or discotheques.

"Why should they?" asked an astonished Al-elat. "I'd like to see them endure the rigors of added security in the hot Palestinian sun wearing 20 pounds of C4."