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Monday, April 18, 2005

Quick Takes

John McCain may run for President in '08, but aren't you glad he wasn't Commander in Chief during the Cold War? No doubt he'd have tipped his hand right after inauguration and said, "Nukes? Naw, we'll never use 'em." Lapses like his make me wonder he isn't the real Manchurian Candidate. Still, no word from Barbara Boxer whether she'll swap a supra-majority vote on justices for a re-written Constitution which calls for a supra-majority to elect U.S. Senators. Just seems fair to me.

Ted Nugent addressed the national convention of the NRA in Houston this weekend, espousing such politically incorrect sentiments as shooting rapists, child molesters and burglars. If he were a tenured faculty member at an Ivy league school there would be an immediate inquiry. Since, thankfully, he isn't an academic, the only punishment that can be meted out on poor Ted is for liberals to burn their copies of Cat Scratch Fever. But burning vinyl or CDs probably violates some EPA guideline. Quite a quandary there. Meanwhile, Michael Jackson couldn't be reached for comment.

Tom DeLay is fighting off Dems like a horde of unruly locusts nibbling at his ears. Why not let the Dems investigate? It'll give Shumer, Frank and Feinstein something to do. Who knows, maybe they'll be too busy to filibuster judicial nominations? And make a sweet deal-- investigate DeLay's trips if Congress can investigate trips by all congressmen. That ought to be fun for all. Nothing like a little non-partisan navel gazing to set things straight for the public.