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Friday, June 03, 2005

Lost in Translation?

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Kim Il Jong Palace, NORTH KOREA-- in a statement hasitly released this morning, North Korea's President for Life, Kim Il Jong said his statement yesterday was grossly mistranslated. "Commander Il Jong was refering to Mr. Cheney's thirst for Budweiser beer, not blood," said a spokesperson for Il Jong. "Ever since this 'Team America' crap, the Commander has seen his words twisted every which way." The spokesperson went on to say that Kim Il Jong was satisfied with Bush's reference to him as 'Mister,' but would have prefered the common North Korean moniker be used-- 'Mister Commander for Life and All He Surveys.'

Scott McClellen, White House spokesperson said,"Bud-thirsty is a most unfortunate re-interpretation. The Vice President can't be seen to endorse any commercial product whatsoever. We prefer 'blood-thirsty.' In fact we can say with some confidence that the Vice President does indeed eat three or four raw steaks a day."

Trey Parker, director of 'Team Amer-licka' could not be reached for comment.