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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Movie Theaters RIP?

This survey done by AP-IPSOS has Hollywood's silk undies in a bundle, and for good reason. A few facts:

  • 69% feel Hollywood actors make poor role models
  • 47% think movies are getting worse
  • A whopping 77% would rather watch at home than go to the theater

    With a 6500% (that's right 6 thousand 5 hundred!) markup on popcorn, a 2500% markup on soda and 8-10 dollar ticket prices, can you blame us? Not to mention, at home I don't have to put up with the jerk in front of me talking throughout the whole movie.

    With High Definition DVDs rolling out this year, the quality on home systems will actually be better than in most 'analog' movie houses. Look for this to accelerate the trend toward home viewing.
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    Hollywood, with declining revenues from movie theaters will have to contain costs somehow. Hint: it won't be production values-- what's Star Wars without great special effects? We're spoiled by slick animation and spectacular visuals.

    So where can they trim fat? When you dovetail the public's attitude about movie stars with declining revenue, the answer is as plain as the nose on Barbra Streisand's face. Sure, great actors add a tremendous dimension to a film. But are they worth the big bucks Hollywood now dishes out?

    A smart, new movie studio would go one better and return to the 'under contract' arrangements of the 1920s to 1950s.